About us

Palo Santo Eastern Co.

In 1989, the first Palo Santo shipment that left the Peruvian shores a couple of months prior finally reached Taiwan.

This wood didn't come with an instruction manual, so we spent three decades experimenting, innovating, and perfecting our craft.

We blended our region's incense-making mastery with the magnificent Palo Santo wood to create a product that will delight and inspire you.

We proudly support and serve our incredible worldwide customers from our boutique workshop in East Asia's beautiful island of Taiwan.

Quality Promise

You'll love it, guaranteed!

We stand by the products we create, from thoughtfully sourced materials to the intention we craft them with. Because of this, we hope that every product that leaves our workshop honors your space.

If you are not wholeheartedly satisfied with your order each and every timesend us a note so we can make things right. 


Both our Incense Sticks and the Incense Cones are made with:

~70% Bursera Graveolens (Palo Santo) wood + ~30% Genus Phoebe Tree Bark.

Bursera Graveolens - known in Spanish as palo santo ("holy stick"), is a wild tree native from the Yucatán Peninsula to Peru and Venezuela. All of our Palo Santo wood was sustainably harvested in Peru over three decades ago. We do not source new Palo Santo wood.

Phoebe - is a genus of evergreen trees and shrubs belonging to the Laurel family, Lauraceae. There are 75 accepted species in the genus, distributed in tropical and subtropical Asia and New Guinea. We use the bark from Phoebe trees harvested responsibly in Indonesia.

Our Palo Santo Chips are 100% Bursera Graveolens (Palo Santo) wood.

Nothing extracted. Nothing added. Just the wood!

We never extract palo santo essential oil from our wood and do not add perfumes, oils, or aroma enhancers to our incense products.


We have considered sustainability, shipping practicality, and aesthetics when designing our packaging.
Our incense boxes are made of biodegradable, unbleached kraft paper.
The bags used for our incense cones and palo santo wood chips are resealable bags made of unbleached kraft paper lined with food-grade film. The bags can be repurposed and reused.

We have joined the Eco-Alliance and are committed to using sustainable shipping products that are Compostable, Recycled, and/or Reusable!

Environmental Commitment

We love our planet. We love people. We love our products.

All of our products are crafted from sustainably harvested, reclaimed Palo Santo. We pledge to honor and support the region where our wood comes from.

A percentage of our revenue is used to plant trees in Peru through our partnership with 1% for the Planet.

Palo Santo Mala Beads and Amulets

We create small batches of personalized mala beads and amulets to support the unfolding of your spiritual practice using the magic of Palo Santo. You can browse the collections in our Light of Ki Shop.

Palo Santo Carvings

Discover the collection of Palo Santo carvings in our Etsy Shop.

Palo Santo Eastern Co. x Amazon

Our incense is now available on Amazon.

Palo Santo Eastern Co. Wholesale

We have a network of wholesale partners around the world. We love collaborating with brands passionate about sustainability, clear & clean ingredients, and exquisite customer care.

To become a stockist, email us at hello@palosantoeastern.com or use this 
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Palo Santo Eastern Co. x RangeMe

For buyers interested in sourcing our Palo Santo incense and other palo santo products wholesale or private label, check out our Palo Santo Eastern Co. RangeMe Digital Storefront.

Palo Santo Eastern Co. x 1% for the Planet

In 2023 we joined 1% for the Planet and pledged 1% of sales to preserve and restore the natural environment, supporting reforestation in Peru, the region where our wood was harvested.