Palo Santo Incense Sticks

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Our Palo Santo wood was sustainably harvested in Peru and kept over the past three decades to further develop its mystical aroma.
The incense is made from ~70% Palo Santo wood + ~30% Genus Phoebe Tree Bark. 
We do not add perfumes, aroma enhancers, essential oils, or any other natural or synthetic compounds to our incense.
A box of 15g of incense makes for approximately 30 sticks (+/- 2 depending on the amount of oil naturally present in the wood).
Every incense stick will burn for approximately 30 minutes.
This kind of incense is called dhoop, or solid stick. It has no bamboo core, and you can easily break it for portion control. Cut it in half for 15 minutes of continuous smoke, or cut it in three for 10 minutes of smoke. It is the type of incense most often found in Japan and Tibet.
The incense box can be used as a portable incense holder.